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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston!

Today is the funeral of the AMAZING Whitney Houston. A lot of celebrities have passed on that I've felt very passionate about. Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, 2pac Shakur, Vesta Williams, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and now Whitney. 

I'm going to go back to the first time I heard her which was the song "You Give Good Love." Every time I hear or think of this song I have a fond memory of my step-sister Angela "Tiny" singing in the mirror with a brush as her microphone. As I watched peeking around the door, Tiny was sooooo into it. I was surprised and shocked because I had never seen her be so free. Of course I busted in and stunned her and she was mad at me, but it was so funny and freeing to see her in this light. My point is that Whitney could make everyone feel they could sing. Over the years I have love her and her voice. Her music has been somewhat of a soundtrack to a lot of peoples lives.

The first time I saw her in person was at a music convention "Jack The Rapper" in Atlanta, GA the year of 1989. I was walking near the elevators and suddenly the doors opened and there was Whitney. Surrounded by several bodyguards, they walked through and pushed me into the wall just to get her through. There I was on about a foot away from the diva. She was beautiful and petite.

Her music has always touch my heart and been a part of my life. My favorite album by Whitney is "The Preacher's Wife" Soundtrack. Growing up in the church these songs are base of my upbringing as most black and African American people in the US. This album is very special also because it was a source of strength during the death of my father. My favorite song from the album is "I Love The Lord" and anytime I need to be reminded of my faith, I play this song. The entire album is AMAZING. 

I'm not really a big writer but I wanted to express my feelings on Whitney. She touched my soul and will always do so. When she would sing a song, it would seem as if she was singing it directly to you only. I love her grace, presence and she was a lady with class. I will always remember that.

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